Sunday, September 14, 2008

Window Shopping at Le Grand Comptoir

cow, decorated with Buddha, Ganesh and more

I was hooked on Le Grand Comptoir from the moment I was welcomed to its web site with this image. Fortunately, the rest of the site was not a disappointment.

magnets shaped like cows, red and white

First, there are the magnets - these red cows being just one of the choices.

metal box for tisane

Then there's the selection of metal boxes, including this one for tisane (herbal tea).

recycled teak bookcase

Moving on to bigger things, there's the furniture - including some from recycled teak.

I found this store because Apartment Therapy mentioned a chalkboard in the shape of France, and Madame Figaro said it came from Le Grand Comptoir. I don't see it on their web site, though - maybe you have to go to one of their four stores in France.

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