Monday, September 15, 2008

Nine Notable Bread Boxes, Bins and Canisters

red bread box

How's that for an eye-catching bread box? Since I last wrote about bread boxes, I've found more intriguing products to share with you. (And of course, there's nothing that says you would have to use them just for bread!) This one is the Breadman, from Wesco. Update on Nov. 21, 2019: Wesco no longer makes this bread box.

green bread bin

Wesco makes a number of retro bread bins; here's the Breadboy. [via Bem Legaus, which I found via Paula Fuzeto, a personal organizer in Rio de Janeiro]

round bread box with cutting board on the top

The Bread Drum is a bread box plus a cutting board - and is one of the few products designed for round loaves.

stainless steel bread canister, square

And we return to square with this stainless steel bread canister from Polder. Update on Nov. 21, 2019: Polder no longer makes this product.

red bread bin wood lid

This lovely bread box comes from Joseph Joseph. Again, the cover can be used as a cutting board.

punched tin bread box

For a very different look, here's a punched tin bread box.

acrylic bread box

The Expandable Bread Keeper isn't as eye-catching as some others, but it looks practical. [via Apartment Therapy]

ceramic bread box, white with green letters and decoration; says Le Pain

Another option is a ceramic bread box. Update on July 9, 2009: This specific bread box doesn't seem to available any longer. It came from J. Willfred Ceramics; here's another one by the same company.

blue pottery bread bin

And finally, here's a lovely bread bin from Nick Membery. Update on Nov. 21, 2019: Nick Membery no longer makes bread bins.

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