Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Moving Into Autumn: Firewood Racks and Log Baskets

firewood rack

As the weather turns chillier here in the Northern Hemisphere, it seems like a good time to look at fireplace log holders. (Sorry, those of you down under!) The firewood rack above comes from Finland, but the company has dealers in a number of countries. [via From Europe]

stainless steel wood rack

Staying with the modern look, Blomus makes a number of stainless steel wood racks. This was the first one to catch my eye, but it's worth looking at their other products, too.

hammered steel log rack with places for kindling and newspaper as well as logs

Enclume makes a number of notable hammered steel log racks. Some are just for logs; this one has space for kindling and newspaper, too.

two wall-mounted firewood storage racks, next to fireplace

And then there's this wall-mounted wood storage rack, available for on-line purchase from Tuttobene, in Holland. [via Apartment Therapy]

log basket, filled with wood

And then there are the log baskets, like this one.

oval log basket

This lovely willow log basket was made by Katherine Lewis.

log basket

Jonathan Gordon also makes willow log baskets in four different styles.

log basket

And Joe Hogan makes a wide range of traditional Irish willow baskets, including log baskets.

log basket

This log basket comes not from an individual basketmaker, but from furniture and furnishings company Ethan Allen. Update on Sept. 16, 2013: I'm not finding this specific basket at Ethan Allen any more, but I am finding another one.

log carrier basket

And this log carrier basket comes from Pierre Deux. Update on Sept. 16, 2013: Pierre Deux has gone out of business.

log holder

Great Green Apple's log holder is made from a combination of wrought iron and woven grass.

standing log carrier, fabric, burgundy

For yet another approach, here's a standing log carrier from L.L.Bean.

log tote and rack

And this log tote and rack isn't lovely, but it is practical.

Of course, there's no need to restrict yourself to using these products for firewood; most of them could easily be used for other purposes.

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