Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Storage Ottomans with Style

felt storage ottoman, wild pattern

Where do blog ideas come from? Sometimes they come from stumbling across one remarkable produce - in this case, the custom-made storage ottomans from Festive Fibers, made from wool felt.

white and black round storage ottomans with studs

These studded storage ottomans are available from Tonic Home. [via Girl meets Glamour] Update on July 10, 2011: Tonic Home no longer has these ottomans.

round storage ottoman

Here's another nice-looking storage ottoman, made by Padma's Plantation. Update on July 1, 2013: I'm no longer finding this ottoman.

storage ottoman, patterned fabric, open and closed

And this storage ottoman is available in 17 different fabrics. Update on March 19, 2012: The store that sold these seems to have gone out of business.

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Anonymous said...

Somewhere, Dick Van Dyke is kvelling! (Hmmm. Deja vu. Without checking, I think I may have made a similar comment when you previously wrote about ottomans. Maybe I need to come up with an Ottoman Empire Strikes Back joke for the next post?)

As always, you've found out-of-the-ordinary storage options, but am I the only one hearing snake-charmer music when I look at the Padma's Plantation offering?

Finally, that last option comes in "Raspberry Ballet" fabric--I think I'm in love! Thanks for always finding organizing options with aesthetic value!

Jeri Dansky said...

Julie: I so enjoy your comments! Yep, Dick Van Dyke comment last time around, too - but being reminded of Dick Van Dyke is never a bad thing. Ottoman Empire jokes get me smiling.

Raspberry Ballet looks like a stunning color - about the worst possible choice for my home, but a stunning color nevertheless. Glad you liked the ottoman!