Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Basic Tools: The To-Do List

to do list that says: 1. Find other to do list

To Do list for a bird:
1. Fly South

-- Mutts, Sept. 23, 2008

When I saw this comic this morning, it reminded me of something I just read in the quite-wonderful book, Where Did I Leave My Glasses: The What, When and Why of Normal Memory Loss.
... When I need to memorize, I do as advised: I take time, I take notes, I rehearse, I recite, I aim to be an active listener. All fine compensatory tactics.

But when it's multiple-task time - which means for many of us the innumerable and often overlapping daily tasks of work life, home life, and social life - I don't believe in driving my brain parts crazy with challenge. I revert to my all-purpose, all-weather, all-time favorite compensatory tactic: Lists.


Consider this: Have the maestros of memory, the keenest minds working at the greatest research centers in the world, ever come up with anything better than the list titled Things to Do Tomorrow?


All I need to remember is where I put the list.
(Thanks to Terry at ADD Consults for the book recommendation.)

And for some tips on how to create an effective list of Things to Do Tomorrow, you can read Joel Falconer's advice.

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[photo by Beth77]

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Cynthia Friedlob said...

I think part of uncluttering and organizing is getting your priorities straight. That can mean eliminating some items from your "To Do" list because they're really not necessary.

However, I find that even my simplified "To Do" list currently fills several index cards and is a pretty sorry excuse for keeping track of things.

Someday I'll figure out a way "To Do" something about it!