Thursday, September 18, 2008

13 Ways to Recharge the Gadgets

charging station

For all of you with multiple devices that need charging - iPods, cell phones, PDAs - there are plenty of charging stations available to help make it easier. Great Useful Stuff (previously KangaRoom) seems to be making this a real specialty - the company has lots of options, including travel options. The one shown above can be used on a desktop or be wall-mounted. The newest products are two bamboo charging stations.

charging station wall-mounted

This Charge Box can also work as a desktop or wall-mounted option.

charging station

The Sanctuary, from Blue Lounge, has that sleek Apple-style look. [via Better Living Through Design]

charging station, wood

Brookstone offers the Charging Valet. Pottery Barn also has a wood one - it's on sale, and it may be a clearance item. Update on Dec. 1, 2019: Brookstone and Pottery Barn don't carry this any more.

charging station

West Elm has a wood charging station with a lacquer finish. Update on June 20, 2010: This one is no longer available.

leather charging station

Levenger, as always, goes upscale - this time with a leather charger valet. Update on June 29, 2010: Levenger no longer sells this charging station, and the chargers it currently sells only charge one item at a time.

charging station

Hammacher Schlemmer sells this recharging station, which was noted on many gadget/geeky web sites when it first came out. Update on June 29, 2010: Hammacher Schlemmer no longer sells this product.

charging station, seagrass

But this charging station from Cost Plus World Market didn't seem to get much attention. For offices that use a lot of woven baskets, this might fit in nicer than other alternatives. [via geeksugar] Update on June 29, 2010: Cost Plus World Market no longer sells this product.

charging station, under-cabinet

Improvements has an under-cabinet charger station in four different finishes. Update on June 29, 2010: This product has vanished from the Improvements web site.

charging station, wall-mounted cabinet, red

For something very different, there's this wall-mounted cabinet charging station.

3 pot-shaped charging stations

And another very different charging station is the MultiPot. [via uncrate] Update on Dec. 1, 2019: I'm no longer finding this product.

wireless recharging

Wildcharge provides wireless recharging. Update on Dec. 1, 2019: I'm not finding this product anywhere.

travel recharger for 6 items

And finally, here's the chargepod, designed as a travel charger.

There are also plenty of people who've made their own charging stations; if you'd like to do that, you can look here, here and here for inspiration.


Chris_Hill_93 said...

hey, lots of helpful stuff, that i could probably use. can you give me any advice on new ipods??


Jeri Dansky said...

Sorry, Chris - you know as much as I do at this point. I'm hoping to go to the Apple store and see them soon; I want to give one as a gift.