Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Update: On Goodie Bags and Book Chairs

black plastic witch's cauldron

Your kids bring home goodie bags filled with less-than-wonderful little toys; what do you do with them? This suggestion came in anonymously in response to my prior post about goodie bags and I thought it was worth sharing; you may not have all seen it buried in the comments.
All those little cute tchotchkas that kids bring home in goody bags, happy meals, doctor's office etc. etc. can be tossed into a big plastic cauldron to use instead of candy for Trick or Treaters. New owners of this detritus [your children, as they get the items throughout the year] can be offered a perk to toss it in the cauldron. Works for us and by Halloween the cauldron is usually full, with a bag of wrapped candy in the mix.
Thanks to the anonymous commenter for this idea! [Picture from It's Time to Party]

chair with built in book storage

A while ago I wrote about three chairs with built-in book storage, none of which looked very comfortable. Well, I've found yet another one. This one is called the Bookseat, and it comes from Fishbol (which has an annoying web site). [via Designspotter]

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