Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Garden Stores Help You Get Organized

3 chalkboard trugs filled with fruit and vegetables

Organizing products are everywhere - including garden stores, and the souvenir shops from botanical gardens. Here are some of the products I've noticed lately.

Smith & Hawken sells the chalkboard trugs shown above - and a number of other storage products. Update on July 10, 2009: Smith & Hawken is going out of business, and is no longer taking internet orders - so the original link to this product no longer works. You may still be able to buy products at the stores.

wooden trug

And The Gardeners Shop sells Sussex trugs in five sizes. (For those who don't know what a trug is - like me, until 5 minutes ago - it's a broad, shallow wooden gardener's basket, per my Webster's dictionary.)

bentwood basket with handle

The Gardener has this lovely bentwood basket.

cast iron bookends shaped like bird feet, holding up books

And the same store has these bird feet bookends made of cast iron. Update on July 15, 2010: I'm having problems with The Gardner's web site, but you can see these bookends at Emmo Home.

carry mate - aluminum frame and handle, polyester fabric basket

Podington Garden Cetre provide this carry mate.

porcelain box showing metamorphosis to butterfly

The New York Botanical Garden Shop sells this Metamorphosis porcelain box.

open porcelain box with finch on lid and another drawing inside

Their finch box is equally noteworthy.

2 dragonfly hooks

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden sells dragonfly hooks. Update on January 9, 2012: It no longer sells these hooks, and I'm not finding these elsewhere, either.

wood pencil box engraved with roses

Portland's Rose Garden Store sells this cherry wood pencil box engraved with - big surprise - roses.

shallow round basket

Finally, the National Tropical Botanic Garden has orchid stem baskets in three sizes.

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