Saturday, June 28, 2008

Paper Planners That (Almost) Make Me Wish I Used a Paper Planner

planner cover

Want a paper planner, but you're not the Day-Timer type? Little Otsu makes some amazing planners that just might suit you. They are all undated, so you can start using them any time.

planner pages for a week, spread over 2 pages

The first one that caught my eye was the Little Otsu Vol. 1 Weekly Planners (the mini version and the standard version. The web site (unlike many) provides nice pictures of both the cover and the internal pages, so check the site for more pictures, including pages to list books to be read and movies to be watched

Not only are they lovely; they're made in collaboration with a talented artist and "printed locally by a family-owned press with vegetable-based inks on 100% post-consumer recycled paper." [via Better Living Through Design]

planner - cover plus internal pages

But Little Otsu has more notable planners - including the Come Along Weekly Planner.

planner page with underwater images

Then there's the Aquatic Adventure Weekly Planner.

18-month planner cover

And I just love the cover on this Chris Duncan 18-Month Planner. The subtitle says Little Otsu Presents A Book to Help You Plan and Organize Your Life for the Next 18 Months Starting Now! or Later or Whenever You Want.

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Pook said...

I defected from Franklin Covey and went to GTD and bought a really cute Filofax right before I got my Treo and went electronic. I can't part with the cute Filofax so it's in the bookshelf I use as a nightstand.

I've glad I found your blog tonight via your comment on Apartment Therapy about shoe storage. I've read many of the books on your organizing books list and regularly use the concepts in them. It's fun to find a kindred spirit.

Jeri Dansky said...

Pook, that's a beautiful Filofax.

I'm so glad you found me - it is indeed fun to find kindred spirits. And you're even close by! I've just subscribed to your blog; Lexi is a gorgeous cat.