Thursday, June 19, 2008

Got Books? Get Bookcases!

low bookcase

Assuming you've gone through your books and decided which ones to keep, the next step would be to get some bookcases to hold them. I've seen too many books get damaged by being shoved into boxes or otherwise poorly cared for; if you treasure your books, please store them well.

While there are many places to get bookcases, I thought I'd point out some especially lovely options made by some talented woodworkers - mostly individuals and small companies.

The bookcase above is one of many designs available from McKinnon Furniture.

oak bookcase

Brian Miles makes this oak bookcase.


This bookcase comes from Michael Colca.

low bookcase, dark wood

Monk Furniture in the UK makes this bookcase; you can get the same style in a taller version.

low bookcase, light wood

And this is one of many options from Pomponoosuc Mills.

tall bookcase

Hardwood Artisans has many lovely bookcase options.

pedestal bookcase

Ben Barclay of Ben Barclay Woodworking makes each piece himself; this is one of three bookcase designs.

tall bookcase from reclaimed teak

David Buckingham makes bookcases from imported recycled teak; they are sold by M.J. Higgins Fine Art & Furnishings.

low bookcase

This beauty comes from David Salmon in the UK.

revolving bookcase

This revolving bookcase comes from Richard Bissell Fine Woodworking; Richard makes non-revolving bookcases, too.

breakfront bookcase

Dylan Pym in the UK made this impressive piece.

bookcase with doors and fancy wood carving

And this amazing piece comes from Trail Mix Studio.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jeri.. just wanted to add a comment about the first bookcase pictured. I noticed that there were some books wrapped in brown paper. This is a great technique that provides visual clarity - it really streamlines the books and allows the space to look less cluttered. It's a technique I first saw 25 years ago and I loved it! It's a cheap and easy design trick and you can use heavy brown paper, or better still, use a lightweight card in your favourite colour. Of course, the paper also protects your investment - particularly if the books don't have dust jackets!

Jeri Dansky said...

Lissanne, I was so taken with the bookcase I never focused on the books within the bookcase!

I'd never have the patience to do that myself! And I notice in the picture they haven't even labeled the spines - so how do you know which book is which?

But I can see how it would indeed provide a calmer, less-cluttered look.

Anonymous said...

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