Monday, June 23, 2008

Lacquer Boxes from Around the World

Russian lacquer box with winter scene

Lacquer boxes - a lovely storage option - range widely in design and price. The one above comes from Russia and is quite expensive - but stunning. But the Tradestone Gallery has many boxes in a huge range of styles and prices - along with a nice guide to Russian lacquer boxes.

square eggshell lacquer boxes

Lacquerware is also found in many parts of Asia; I have a small box I got in Vietnam. Gumps sells these square eggshell lacquer boxes from Japan.

Thai lcquer jar, black with gold, 3 views

The lacquer jar shown above was made by artist Subin Tositarat of Thailand. He also has an eggshell lacquer box.

blue lacquer box from Mexico with bird motif

And here's a lacquered box from Mexico.

3 lacquer boxes inspired by Piet Mondrian

I don't know where these Mondrian-inspired boxes were made, but they sure are eye-catching! [via Apartment Therapy]


MentatJack said...

My FAVORITE novica product for organization are these gorgeous, sturdy ottomans with hidden storage:

That's one of my favorite pieces of furniture in my small apartment.

Jeri Dansky said...

MentatJack, that URL doesn't work.I think you mean this ottoman.

I just wrote about storage ottomans a while ago, and missed finding the ones from Novica. I'll have to do an update!