Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Don't Cheat Yourself of Sleep

nightshirt says Mommy Needs Sleep

Sleep beckons. Also waves. Also makes threatening gestures and hops up and down until I notice. -- Neil Gaiman

I've gone through too many days on too little sleep; I'm through with doing that! Last night I went to sleep instead of staying up to write a blog post - I don't write well when I'm tired, anyway - and I woke up all full of energy this morning. It felt wonderful.

If you tend to fit more into your day by ignoring your need for sufficient sleep time, here are some readings to inspire you to make a change.

The More You Sleep, The Longer You Live. Sleep will also help you stick to a diet and have more productive workouts. Other benefits include "greater mental alertness, improved concentration, better mood - even lower risk of car accidents."

Lack of sleep linked to emotional imbalance. "It's no secret that the sleep-deprived are usually grumpy, miserable and not much fun to be around."

Here’s a quick, easy, free way to boost your happiness: get more SLEEP. "Studies show that people get accustomed to being sleep-deprived. At first, they notice the effect on their mood and alertness, but before long, they adjust to that state as normal. So even if you insist that you feel fine, if you got more sleep, you might feel a lot better."

Drowsy America. "For too many Americans, sleep has become a luxury that can be sacrificed or a nuisance that must be endured."

[Nightshirt from Bas Bleu]


Anonymous said...

Having slept 9 hours last night (so rare!) I noticed how clear I felt when I awoke, and how productive I've been this morning. That's it -- I'm getting Tivo. No more propping my eyelids up to finish watching The Colbert Report at midnight!


Jeri Dansky said...

NewLeafNews, being a bit of a night owl, I have a tendency to stay up until 1 a.m. (or 2 a.m., or even 4 a.m.) when I'm working on something. That's fine, if I can sleep in the next day - but often I can't!

No more dragging myself to yoga class on four hours of sleep!

Banshee Creative said...

haha I LOVE that Tshirt! I want it! :)

with these three fellas and my overactive mind ( I need to learn to wind down better at night), it's not helped.

a good night's sleep is a wonderful thing, mebbe when the kids are older LOL

Jeri Dansky said...

Angelia, I wish you lived closer to me; I know a nurse hypnotherapist who could help with the mind-quieting thing. (She also sells a Sleep Well CD.)

Banshee Creative said...

aww thank you jeri. Mebbe it will be better once the reorg is over :)

We've had a spate of Dengue fever cases, its quite worrying. sigh