Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ten Wine Racks for 3-20 Bottles

pyrmaid-shaped wine rack made from horseshoes

Have just a few bottles of wine that you want to store nicely? Here are some possibilities, from the purely functional to the more stylish.

1. This horseshoe wine rack might be the most unusual one I've seen. Update on March 3, 2011: It looks like this wine rack has been discontinued, but here's another horseshoe wine rack.

wine rack made from wagon wheel frame

2. But then again, this wagon wheel wine cabinet is not something you see every day.

wine rack cabinet, colorful

3. Oh, wait - maybe this rack by Avner Zabari the most unusual one!

wine rack tower holds 6 bottles

4. Here's another artisan-created rack, this time from Lee Rubenstein. Update on March 3, 2011: I can no longer find this wine rack.

wine rack with bottles

5. While I want to focus on the more unusual options, I have to mention this old standard because it's so darn practical. It can accommodate just a few bottles, or a much larger collection.

oak counter top wine rack with bottles

6. The cava wine rack from Umbra is a beauty. Update on March 3, 2011: I'm no longer finding this one.

wine rack from hollowed-out solid wood hunk

7. Going back to the very unusual, Rack and Ruin in the U.K. makes custom wine racks out of solid wood; the one pictured is from reclaimed oak. No one picture can do this company justice!

wine shelf

8. I've written about Modern Cellar before; they make a number of lovely options. Update on March 3, 2011: Sadly, Modern Cellar has been closed.

wall0mounted wine rack holding eight bottles

9. Here's another wall-mounted wine rack - this one in stainless steel - from black+blum. [via]

wine rack, orange

10. The puzzle wine rack has interlocking pieces, so you can build a multi-unit rack. It comes in four different colors. The web site has some nice photos to give you ideas. [via Popgadget]

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Anonymous said...

Your "old standard" is actually manufactured by a company called JK Adams in Southern VT. They've been making them FOREVER! Useless tidbit: It actually showed up in Carrie's apartment in Sex and the City.

Jeri Dansky said...

Anonymous, thank you for that information! I'm delighted to know about J.K. Adams - and I see you can buy from them directly.