Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Backup Your Data - Avoid Heartache and Pain

Most of us could sometimes use a nudge to remind us to backup our computer data. But how would you like to be running software that gave you a "grave warning" like this:
It has been 19 days since your last backup. Backups are so important that if you continue, you are almost sure to experience a tremendous amount of heartache and pain. ...
And note that in order to continue without making a backup, the user has to type in, "I am acting as an irresponsible data owner by proceeding without backup."

[via reddit]


Claire Josefine said...

That's funny!

It probably takes as much time to type in the acknowledgment of irresponsibility as it does to initiate a backup. Maybe this is part of the motivation?

Although I would like a selection of acceptable responses. How's about "Alright, alright already! Oy, you're such a nudge..." ?

-- Claire

Caveman said...

Thanks for the reminder that my "monthly" PC backup to DVD is about a month overdue! I'm working on the assumption that disk drives never fail. (Touch wood).

Perhaps you could write an article on organising backup disks (off site backup, duplicate copies) and how to find "lost" files.


Jeri Dansky said...

Claire, I wonder what percentage of people type the acknowledgment and what percentage do a backup instead.

Charles, thanks for the posting idea; I'll see what I can do with that. And you might want to read about PC disk drive failure rates.

tnomeralc web design toys said...

Thanks for the reminders. We need to back up for future use. :)