Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Creative Re-Use: Household Items Take on New Storage Roles

sauce boat

Just because something is sold for one purpose doesn't mean it can't be used wonderfully for something entirely different. A number of bloggers have provided some great examples recently.

Over at Apartment Therapy, folks who got this sauce boat as a wedding gift now use it in the entryway to hold their keys.

Apartment Therapy also suggests using a medicine cabinet in rooms other than the bathroom - in the kitchen to store spices, for example.

Danny Seo shows a mailbox used to stash garden tools out in the garden, right where you need them.

Over on Ask MetaFilter, there's a discussion of the many things that could be stored in a china cabinet besides china: books, liquor bottles, many kinds of collections.

The most extreme example? In a Citi ad, a woman who doesn't cook turns her kitchen into a walk-in closet for sweaters, shoes, handbags and such. Much thanks to organizer Lorie Marrero for writing about this and scanning the ad.

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Kandas - Custom Furniture Consultant said...

I keep my supplements and medicine in a Shaka Studios Kentucky Cupboard. It hangs on the wall between my living room and kitchen. The pill bottles were taking up way to much space in the kitchen cupboard and I could never find what I needed. This storage solution has worked out great for me!

Peggy in Switzerland said...

Jeri, I love the stuff I discover on your blog. Got to share my version of "The lady (who doesn't cook) who uses her kitchen as a clothes closet." When I first met my husband I was vastly impressed by his New York apartment (huge in comparison to my cramped studio.) My husband's cooking skills were limited, plus he was a marathon runner; the only foods he consumed at home were yogurt and beer. Except for the fridge, his kitchen was used as his home office. Once I showed up on the scene, I'd open a cabinet to try to find a pan or a plate and find only files and office supplies!

Jeri Dansky said...

Great story, Peggy - thanks for sharing!