Sunday, January 20, 2008

Baskets Made by African Artisans

black and white basket

I've been seeing a number of web sites lately promoting African baskets; if their claims are true, you can do some good and get a beautiful basket at the same time.

Macy's has its Rwanda Path to Peace collection, which includes the stunning one above made of sisal and sweetgrass. [via Apartment Therapy]

basket with green leather trim

Medina sells lovely baskets made in Moroccan villages from sustainable reed and palm leaves.

round basket, multi-colored

Equita brings us Bolga baskets from Ghana, made from locally grown straw. (You can find these at a number of other web sites, too.)

2 striped baskets in brown, black and white

A Great Gift has these sisal baskets from Kenya. They're on sale, so they might not be around for too much longer. (But you can find sisal baskets from Kenya at other sites, too.) Update on August 29, 2010: A Great Gift is gone, and I'm not seeing these baskets anywhere else.

5 baskets

Sundance has these baskets from Tanzania, woven from a reed-like grass called milulu. (Unlike the other sites listed above, Sundance doesn't claim you're doing anything more than getting some great baskets when you buy from them.) Update on Julyn29,2011: Sundance doesn't have these any more, but you can find similar milulu baskets at Bamboula Ltd. And Canvas sells baskets that also look very similar.

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Jeri Dansky said...

Sharing a comment that came in by e-mail:

I wanted to share another resource with you - I know you've already done this feature but thought you might just like to see.

I chanced upon this fellow at his first crafts show in DC and my friend and I bought several bags for ourselves and as gifts. They are still wonderful, and in constant use whether as a purse, a travel accessory, or visible storage. I was absolutely charmed by the man and his mission.