Monday, January 14, 2008

Get Rid of Clothes That You Don't Wear (for Good Reason)

man wearing red sweatshirt with block letter M and Marblehead

Local columnist Jon Carroll started today's column like this:
So here's the thing: Our washer/dryer is downstairs and accessible only through an outside stairway. So when it rains, I tend to delve more deeply into my clothes closet. That in itself is not a hardship - I am not big on throwing things away - but it does put me in touch with garments that I have not seen for many years.

Often, there's a reason why these clothes are in the "not any time soon" drawer, and often I forget what that reason is. Then, sometime during the day, I remember. A sensible person would then put that garment in the charity pile, and if I find a sensible person, I'll be sure to ask for his help.
Please do not follow Jon's lead. Put those garments in the charity bag, and then take them off to the charity (or arrange for a pick-up).

[picture from Stoneberry Gifts]

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