Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Shower Curtains to Get You Organized

shower curtain with 7 pockets

Have a bathroom that's seriously lacking in storage space? You can use your shower curtain to provide a bit more. This 7-pocket version is the most popular. See also here.

shower curtain with 40 pockets

This 40-pocket version is more intended for display (of photos and postcards and such) than for storage. (Also take a look at the ShowerPics web site.) Update on Sept. 15, 2014: This product is no longer available.

pink shower curtain with 4 pockets

QVC provides this 4-pocket pink shower curtain. Update on July 2, 2011: This is also available in beige.

mesh organizer hanging from shower curtain rod

Do you like the idea of gaining the storage, but you aren't willing to give up the shower curtain you already use? You could add on the Showeroo mesh organizer from the Container Store. (For similar products, look here and here and here.) Update on July 2, 2011: The Container Store no longer carries this product.


Anonymous said...

Avon had one like the first curtain you show, cheap! I wish they would sell them again!

Jeri Dansky said...

Anonymous, I know it can be very frustrating when a product we really like gets discontinued.

Regarding cheaper options: The first link takes you to one that currently sells for $8.99 - pretty inexpensive. (I can't vouch for the quality, having never seen it in person.)