Monday, January 21, 2008

Storing the Spices: 10 Spice Rack Options

spice rack shaped like ferris wheel

For those of us with a significant number of spice (and herb) tins and jars, figuring out how to keep them all accessible can be a challenge. And those with smaller collections might want a stylish storage option. Here's just some of what's available - beyond the basics.

1. For pure fun, how can you beat the ferris wheel spice rack by Olde Thompson? (The orbit rack from the same company is also worth a look.)

counter top spice rack, red

2. I've written about magnetic spice racks before (here and here), but I never mentioned the See & Store containers by Soho Spices, sold by Lipper International (and others, but Lipper seems to have the most complete offering).

tower of stackable spice jars

3. Anther unusual offering is the spice tower, made of stackable acrylic jars.

space-saving cabinet for spices

4. Moving to the purely practical, the SpiceStack lets you save a lot of spices in a small space.

spice drawer inserts

5. Rev-A-Shelf is one of a number of companies making spice drawer inserts, in white or wood finishes.

spice rack on back of cabinet door

6. Rev-A-Shelf also provides door mount spice racks.

under cabinet spice rack

7. Under cabinet spice racks aren't lovely, but they are a space-saving option. I've only seen two versions: this white one and the metal one by Jokari. Update on July 1, 2013: I'm not finding those two under cabinet spice racks any more, but there's a wood under cabinet spice rack from Axis International.

carousel spice rack

8. It may not be novel, but this carousel spice rack from J.K. Adams is lovely - and the largest one holds 48 bottles.

wedge-shaped counter top spice rack

9. Trudeau makes some interesting spice racks. I've only seen one of the three on most web sites; I first found the wedge on the John Lewis web site. Update on July 1, 2013: John Lewis doesn't carry this spice rack any more.

counter top spice rack, wood

10. Finally, because I love supporting artisans, I'd like to point you to the handmade spice racks from Tumbleweed Woodworks.


suebk said...

I love cooking with herbs and spices and I have DOZENS! (The 48 bottle stand looks good :-) Think I need at least two; maybe three.

H&S should be stored away from heat and light. In my ideal world there would be a separate section in the 'fridge for them LOL. Instead, I found some wire racks at our local hardware store. They cost me about $3 each, and attach to an upright surface with two screws. Each rack holds about a dozen slim line bottles, or 6 of the fatter ones. My pantry is "L" shaped, so lots of empty space when you close the door. I have (I think) about 6 racks screwed to the inside of my door.
Perhaps, not the most 'elegant' solution, but I don't have enough counter tops to display my H&S collection.

Jeri Dansky said...

Suebk, good point about keeping them away from heat and light - thank you! And it sounds like you've come up with a great answer for you and your space - elegant is optional, but functional is critical!

Janine Adams said...


I just wanted to tell you how much I like your blog. I found today's entry so helpful that I had to blog about it on my organizing blog ( You include some products I hadn't seen before. Thank you!

Jeri Dansky said...

How nice to hear from you, Janine! I'm always so thrilled when fellow organizers find my blog to be useful.