Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Prison Libraries Could Use Your Books

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Have more books than you know what to do with? Here are some more donation ideas from an e-mail I received today. (The writer didn't identify himself/herself, so I don't have a name to credit.)
Correctional facilities, homeless shelters, veterans homes, and low income school districts are all happy to receive donations of used books. ... Jails usually have libraries with librarians who disseminate the donated books including text books for their rehab programs.
To expand on that point about prisoners:

I've already mentioned Books Behind Bars (see related posts below), which lists prison book programs by state. Another great resource is the map showing prison book programs all through North America, created by Books Through Bars in Philadelphia.

And then I've just read that if you swap books through BookMooch, you can donate your BookMooch points to prison books projects; read more at the BookMooch site.

I've looked for options beyond North America (besides BookMooch, which is international), but so far I've only found one. In London, you can donate paperback books to Prisoners Abroad.

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