Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Serious Shredding

Ativa cross-cut shredder

I've written about shredders before, but this one is for those needing a pretty heavy-duty machine. It's the Ativa CX14W Cross-Cut Shredder from Office Depot, and it manages to be reasonably attractive while shredding up to 14 pages at once - and it handles staples, credit cards, CDs and floppy disks. I haven't tested it (or even seen it), but it sounds good! (Via Update on Jan. 17, 2012: This shredder has been discontinued.

But Bill Westerman's photo reminds us to be careful when using a powerful shredder - you wouldn't want to catch your tie in it. (Note the second icon from the right.) Update on Jan. 17, 2012: This photo has been made private.


Anonymous said...

I use this shredder at home, but I shred a lot due to there being a lot of trashpicking where I live. This shredder saves me a lot of time because you can put the whole junkmail envelope in it without opening it and separating the contents. It has a large capacity to hold shreddings and is easy to empty directly into the recycling bin. I had a more wimpy shredder and resisted spending the money on this for a while, but the savings in time, effort and aggravation (i.e. cleaning up spilled shreddings every time I emptied it) are well worth the $99 sale price.

Jeri Dansky said...

Thank you for letting me know this shredder works so well for you!

Getting the right tools, so you don't waste time on the silly stuff, is a wonderful thing. Congratulations!