Monday, March 19, 2007

French Storage Tins

yellow French storage tin with pictures of cats and words les langues des chats

Sentou makes a wonderful collection of storage boxes: traditional French tins, and some designed specifically for the kitchen. The designer is Sandrine Fabre, also known as 100DRINE.

I first stumbled upon some of the traditional boxes at Heal's, in the UK, which says the tins are for children's storage - but I think some adults would be glad to use them.

The Bay Tree in Australia has somewhat different selection.

Made in Design is the one site I've found that includes photos of the INSIDE of the lids - which have wonderful pictures, too.

If I'd only known about Sentou when I was in Paris . . .


Veronique said...

Here is a website selling 100drine creations in the US:

Tin boxes and other 100drine items are directly imported from France by Veronique, a French woman living in California.

Do not hesitate to visit her website!

wiseguv said...

I am now selling Sentou storage tins in my online shop I love them too!