Monday, March 19, 2007

Chalk Storage Jars

3 storage jars, different sizes; labeled in chalk as nutmeg, cocoa, and sugar

These ceramic storage jars have a blackboard on the outside; you can write in chalk to indicate the contents and/or the expiration date of whatever you're saving inside. And since the labeling is done with chalk, it's easy to re-label whenever you need to.

(Via Ideal Home)

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Jhames Stewart said...

My wife is asking if this blackboard label thing can also be applied in glass jars. We just bought a couple of recycled bottle glasses and jars and she was wondering what she can do to make labeling easier. She didn't want to use markers anymore, so I guess she will try this blackboard idea on our glass jars. Thanks a lot, Jeri! Now I know what I'll give her for her birthday: chalks!