Sunday, March 25, 2007

6 Timers to Keep You on Track

Big Timer - large dial, 60 minuters

Timers can be used for so many things:
- to time your workout
- to alert you when the pizza is ready to take out of the oven
- to time a 15-minute clean-up effort (you can do anything for 15 minutes)
- to make sure you take your pills every 3 hours
- to jolt you out of the daze of surfing the web for hours at a time

Ordinary timers are readily available - but if you want something a bit different, consider these.

Baby, Child, Parent and Teacher Focused:

1. Big Timer (shown above) - for when you need a whole classroom (or any roomful of people) to be able to see the timer. Update on Dec. 19, 2011: This product has been discontinued. However, there's another timer that's similar.

Itzbeen baby care timer
2. Itzbeen baby care timer (via Babygadget), with four buttons that count up with the touch of a button - so you can see how long it's been since you last changed the diaper, etc.

timer shaped like lighthouse
3. Time Tracker - a digital timer with three separate lights that change color as time runs out, plus optional sound effects that announce each interval.

Adult Focused

timer on a bolero tie
4. The Traceable Tie Timer, one of many timers available from Control Company: the opposite of the Big Timer, small and lightweight.

Time Timer - visual representation of time - red wedge
5. The Time Timer - for the visually oriented, a timer that focuses on the visual depiction of elapsed time; comes in various sizes.

kitchen tape timer, shaped like tape measure
6. The Kitchen Tape Timer - just for the fun of it.

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