Sunday, March 11, 2007

Home Offices: Selecting the Right Location

I've written about ideas for home offices, for those dealing with space limitations. So how do you decide what option is right for you?

I love this advice from DesignTalk: Are you still having trouble cordoning off the best place in your home for an office? Try this. Take a small table around to several potential spots. Take an hour to write, use your laptop or talk on your cell phone, replicating the activities your home office needs to accommodate. Try this for a few days if necessary. Where do you feel most at home? What area is best lit, most comfortable, productive, quiet?

And from K.J. McCorry: Not surprisingly, studies show that high-quality office environments can boost employee productivity by ten to twenty percent, so don’t put your office in the attic with no ventilation or the 100% unfinished, concrete basement and expect to be successful! Put your home office in a room in which you enjoy being. You should ideally use a separate room, an enclosed patio or another structure on your property that is quiet. If you don't have a separate room that can be designated for your office, choose a location where you will be disturbed the least. For example, partition off a section of your living, family or dining room.

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