Sunday, March 11, 2007

Home Office Ideas I Do Like

home office in a corner of the kitchen

This home office from Real Simple - in a corner of the kitchen - takes little space but feels uncrowded, and has nice lighting. Also, many of us are pulled toward working in the kitchen anyway, partly because kitchens are the natural hub of family activity - so if you have space to create an office, why not? Just be sure that papers stay well away from the dangers of the stove and the messiness of the food. (And watch out for the ergonomics - my major concern in looking at that picture.) However, depending on the type of work you do at home and the ages of your family members, you may need more space, -more privacy, or more quiet than you can get in a kitchen office.

home office in an oddly shaped alcove

All sorts of odd spaces can sometimes become an office space - such as the living room alcove shown in Sunset.

home office in a backyard shed

At the other end of the space and cost continuum, another option - which provides plenty of space and privacy - is a backyard shed, which can look very attractive. Some options are:
- The backyard room from the Shed Shop - and I know someone who has had a good experience with this company
- The ultimate backyard office from Cedarshed (shown above)
- The garden office from iscape in the UK (via Springwise) Update on Oct. 21, 2011: I can no longer access the iscape web site.

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