Thursday, March 8, 2007

3-Ring Binders: Now We are 12

lever arch binders in 14 colors

Back in January I posted a list of nine alternative 3-ring binders - alternatives to the ubiquitous basic vinyl binders.

Well, now I have a few more!

- The Tribeca 3-ring binder at Kate's Paperie - "made in Maine of the highest quality materials using traditional bookbinding techniques"
Update on Feb. 2, 2009: Sadly, this binder doesn't seem to be available any more.

- Bindertek binders - "Superior-quality binders with a flawless European-style mechanism"

- From Empire Imports: A4 size 4-ring binders, A4 size lever arch binders, and U.S.-sized lever arch binders (pictured above)

(Thanks to Karen on the Analog GTD Yahoo! Group for pointing me to Bindertek and Empire Imports.)

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