Wednesday, March 7, 2007

A Bookcase called Book

Lagobook bookcase system

As someone whose major indulgence is books, I'm always attracted to new bookcases. Book comes from Lago, in Italy. To quote their web site:

It is an open shelving system, conceived above all to contain books.

Do you dream of a wall tree to climb on, to gather your books like precious fruits?
With Book you can do it.

Do you dream of a life in colour inside a house in colour and do you think you would like to have all the colour shades in the world in your bookcase?
With Book you can do it.

Do you imagine a bookcase that clambers up the wall, falling vertically like dominoes, or that takes on the features of a multicoloured maze?
With Book you can do it.

(Via Designspotter)

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