Thursday, April 5, 2012

Purse Storage: Treating Your Luxury Handbags with Respect

hanging purse organizer

I've written about organizing purses before — see related posts below — and a number of the storage options I saw involved hanging the purses by their handles.

But now I'm reading more advice that suggests this is not good for your purses. For example, there's this advice from Real Simple:
“Hanging a bag by the handles lessens the life span of the bag,” says Chris Moore, owner of Artbag, a New York City handbag boutique and repair shop. Hanging puts stress on the strap seams, and “it can leave unsightly marks on the handles,” says Moore.
So what are your options? You can use organizers that hang in your closet and keep the purses upright — like the one from Real Simple, which is sold at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

0ver-the-door purse organizer

CoverMates has an over-the-door purse organizer. [via Karen Coutu at A Blog of Goodies] Update on Jan. 23, 2017: This purse organizer doesn't seem to be available any more.

storage box for boots or purse

ShoeTrap has stackable storage boxes, mostly for shoes (as you would expect) — but there's also a size the company suggests would work for purses as well as boots.

And of course purses can be stored on any kind of shelves, with or without the use of things like shelf dividers or handbag bins. Billy bookcases from IKEA are what one person used.

And here's another bit of advice I'm seeing:
Keep your handbag stuffed when not in use. This will help to maintain its shape.

cushion that goes into purse when storing
Of course, you could use tissue paper or some such, but another option is to use the Bag-a-Vie, which comes in four sizes.

large fabric ring that goes into purse to maintain its shape when stores
inserting fabric ring into purse
purse with ring insert in place, keeping its shape
purse, with ring inserted, looking good

And another option is the Pursendipity, which comes in three sizes.

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Sara said...

instead of spending $ on inserts, use all those left-over packing peanuts, put into different sized Ziplock bags-reuse,recycle,unclutter...isn't that the pint?

Jeri Dansky said...

Gates 8105, I've read that storing leather purses in plastic can cause problems. Here's what Brynn Capella said: "Leather handbags should not be stored in plastic bags or other nonporous covers because this will encourage the growth of mildew and bacteria which will end up ruining the leather."

Sara, the peanuts-in-a-bag can surely work, and many people will prefer to do that - thanks for commenting and noting that option! But I also know people who might prefer other options, and I'm all about letting people know what's out there, so they can make their own choices. (The peanuts can still get reused. I'm a big fan of reuse and recycling; you should see the Freecycling I've been doing this week!)