Monday, April 30, 2012

Staplers Don't Have to Be Boring

green stapler

Staplers are such a basic paper organizing supply — and they can be more interesting than your basic black or beige. For now, let's skip the staple-free staplers and the automatic staplers, and just look at what's available in standard manual staplers.

The stapler above, the Buro from Lexon, caught my eye because of the colors. It comes in basic gray, but also in bright green and bright purple. You can purchase it from Lexon, or from other sites such as Peter of Kensington's in Australia, and Togs + Clogs in the U.K. Update on Feb. 13, 2014: This stapler is no longer sold by Togs + Clogs. However, it's available at Blue Sun Tree, also in the U.K.

combination stapler and stamper, saying Have a Nice Day

I must admit to being enchanted by the Stampler, which "staples and stamps at the same time." [via the Los Angeles Times]

eyes and mouth stickers for stapler, mug, etc.

And if you just want to liven up a stapler you already have, you could use the inanimate character stickers from Fred & Friends, sold by Perpetual Kid and other online stores.

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Sam Urbanara said...

I really like these staplers. there is something about inanimate objects being given personalities! I can across these printers recently,
Such cute design.