Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Organizing for TV Viewing: Rounding Up the Remotes

remotes in bowl

You don't need to use a specific remote-control organizer for your remote controls; any appropriately-sized container will do. Here's what one of my friends uses: a beautiful bowl. (Photo shared with permission)

burlap basket for remote controls

Don't have something the right size? You could get this burlap remote control holder basket from 47th Heaven.

remote control organizer basket for 6 remotes

And if you prefer your remotes standing up, look at the TV remote organizers from Gus Panart at Rathdrum Creek Crafts. These organizers come in a range of sizes, holding 3 to 10 remotes; some also have space for a TV Guide.

TV toolbox - labeled TV tools - for remotes, videos, etc.

There's also the TV toolbox from Monkey Business. It's available in white and charcoal.

pillow remote control

Of course, if you find a universal remote you like, then you won't have a bunch of remotes needing storage. I've written about universal remotes before, but since then I've learned about the pillow remote control, which can control six different components.

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