Sunday, April 8, 2012

How to Have Plenty of Time

Photo by Thomas Hawk, found on Flickr, licensed through Creative Commons

I'm generally pretty good at focusing on the positive, on what I want in my life. And at my networking group meetings, I get to hear Patricia Westerfield, a transformational energy worker, remind me each week just how important this is — how our thoughts affect what comes into our lives.

But this past Thursday Patricia said something that really hit home to me; she identified a pattern of negative thinking I didn't even recognize as a pattern of negative thinking! I asked her if I could share her words with all of you, and she graciously agreed.

So here's Patricia:
Ever noticed the more you worry about having enough time, the more things seem to pop up that give you even less? And time feels like the enemy.

You get what you think about.

And when you think about the feeling of plenty of time, what you get with time changes.

And time becomes your friend.

Patricia's a pretty amazing woman; she helps people get from the life they have to the life they want, and many people I know sing her praises. You can reach her at 650-355-7409 or

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