Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Organizing Basics: Hooks Make Maintenance Easier

steel hook on walnut wood block

Keeping your home organized is easier when you've got products that help simplify the maintenance — and hooks are one such product. What's easier than throwing a coat, scarf or whatever over a hook? (OK, throwing stuff on the floor might be easier, but not by much.) So as long as I keep finding cool hooks, I'll keep writing hook-related posts.

Sometimes a simple look is perfect — and if that's your style, you might like the Beefy Hook from Tinkering Monkey. That's a steel hook on a walnut block.

iron coat hook

Another simple, lovely coat hook comes from the Iron Design Company.

orange hook with four arms

The Kangaroo Hook from Doug Mockett & Company isn't cheap, but it sure is eye-catching. It comes in five finishes.

whale tail hooks

The whale tail hooks from Frontgate are promoted as a way to eliminate "poolside clutter," but of course they could be used for other purposes, too. They come in two sizes.

tile with sunflower painting, and three iron hooks

And let's end with an Etsy find: the tile hook organizers from Nature's Heavenly Art. There are many choices, with trees and birds and much more.

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