Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Aprons with Pockets: Practical and (Sometimes) Pretty

aprons with pockets

If you're moving around a kitchen, an art studio, a garden — or any number of other places — an apron can be a helpful organizing aid, making sure you have essential tools close at hand. And there are a wide range of aprons available to provide that aid!

At the latest conference of the National Association of Professional Organizers, these 4-pocket aprons were being displayed by Abundance Organizing, and they are now available for purchase on the web.

denin apron with pockets

This Ben Davis denim machinist's apron (also available in black) can be bought through Ben Davis, or through other sites such as Hand-Eye Supply, which has better photos. [via Book of Joe]

utility half apron with 9 pockets - lobster pattern

Heart and Sow made this 9-pocket utility half apron from recycled curtains!

kitchen apron with pockets

The kitchen aprons from Studiopatró are simple and stunning.

oilcloth apron

This oilcloth apron comes from Palomas Oilcloth Designs; aprons are available in both adult and child sizes.

apron/toolbelt combination for gardeners

And finally, here's a combination toolbelt/apron for gardeners, from Garden Tribe. The company's website says it has “ceased trading” but you can still find this item for sale at Leisure Gardening (one color choice only) and Garden Divas (four color choices), both in the U.K. Update on Aug. 22, 2013: I'm not longer finding this apron for sale at Leasire Gardening or Garden Divas, but still has a few in stock.

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Lee said...

I like the apron idea. The most important thing I like to have with me is one of our house phones. We have several phones and bases, but somehow they seem to migrate and are never where I am when I hear the ring. Yes, I know it's because we don't put them back on the base, but when we wander around while talking, we may not finish the conversation in the room where that base is and we often just set them down. I need a pocket which makes it impossible to accidentally hit the buttons. There's probably a techie solution to this.