Friday, April 13, 2012

Organizing with Birds and Ducks: Sewing Caddies

red wooden bird holding scissors, with spools of thread on the base

I am not a sewer — but when Susan Orlean tweeted about her latest find, I had to learn more. She seems to have been visiting the latest exhibit at the SFO museum, and admiring the sewing accessory stands from the Lacis Museum of Lace and Textiles in Berkeley.

And what she found were some wonderful old sewing accessories: birds or ducks that hold scissors, thread, etc. Hillary Kwiatek directed Susan to one place to buy such a thing: an eBay store called Stuffisus which sells the sewing bird shown above.

wooden bird holding scissors, with spools of thread on the base

The Vintage Peddler also has a sewing bird thread and scissors holder.

wooden duck that holds scissors, with spools of thread stored near its feet

A number of Etsy sellers who specialize in vintage products also sell similar items. Here's the duck sewing helper sold by RichInDaughters.

wooden bird holding scissors and thimble, with spools of thread at the base

This sewing bird caddy, sold by Topsy's Attic, has a storage drawer in the base, and has thimble holder, too.

wooden duck that stores scissors - base has a drawer as well as place for spools of thread

And here's another sewing duck, this time from Old Sew Stuff; it's another one that has a little storage drawer.

wooden duck sewing caddy for scissors and thread

Wil Shepherd Studio sells this lovely duck sewing caddy.

All of these are one of a kind, so they may not be available for long. But I'm delighted just to know that such a thing exists; as these get sold, others will probably appear over time.


Janice Wallace said...

These are so adorable. I've never seen bird sewing organizers before. Makes me want to do more sewing.

Anonymous said...

As a person that sews; I thought these were so cute and practical I bought the one from Topsy's Attic this morning!! It will have a decorative place of honor on my sewing machine cabinet in my family room when not in use.

Jeri Dansky said...

Janice and Anonymous: I'm so glad to hear you liked these as much as I did! Anonymous, I hope your little bird serves you well.

JustGail said...

These are great! big sigh... why do we put up with such blah boring plastic sewing items now anyway???