Sunday, January 29, 2012

7 Creative Ways to Store Your Shoes

shoe rack shaped like tulip buds

Shoe racks, shoe boxes, shoe pocket organizers — are those all too boring for you? Then you just might like these shoe tree tulips, designed by Anna Fankhaenel and sold by Freundliche Übernahme and Design-3000. [via Book of Joe] Update on Sept. 13, 2012: Design-3000 no longer sells these.

kid's shoe rack with elephant motif

Looking for a cute way to store some children's shoes? Then look at the bunny, elephant and frog shoe racks at My Sweet Muffin. You can adjust the height between the tiers. [via Apartment Therapy]

shoe stacker for a pair of women's shoes
shoe stacker for a pair of men's shoes

Just want an easy way to make better use of your shoe storage space? The men's and women's shoe organizers from Vinçon might be exactly what you need. Update on March 27, 2013: I'm no longer finding this product on the Vinçon website.

black shoe tree with 12 boxes, 6 turquoise and 6 black

But if you're looking for a really fun storage piece, take a look at the Shoe Tree Z and Shoe Tree T at Fashion for Home — and give thanks to Dutch designer Mark Hark. The shoe tree itself comes in white or black; the 12 boxes that fit into it come in white, black, red, turquoise and violet. (However, I'm only seeing the black and white boxes on the U.S. site; the Netherlands site has all five colors.)

modular shoe cabinet

Fashion for Home also sells a modular shoe cabinet, available in three sizes (Set I, Set IV and Set VI); the shoe boxes are optional. The smallest version will hold 12 shoe boxes; the largest will hold 44. Update on Sept. 13, 2012: I'm no longer finding Set 1, but I'm finding others: Set II, Set III and Set V.

slim space-saving shoe cabinet

And Fashion for Home has yet another option: this space-saving cabinet called Spinn. However, I don't see it on the U.S. site.

redwood shoe cubbies

Finally, while shoe cubbies aren't all that unusual, having them made from redwood certainly is. These are Mia's Shoe Cubbies from Forever Redwood; they come in five different sizes. (Custom sizes are available, too.) And you can get them with three rows, all the same height — or two rows, where the bottom row is twice as tall as the upper one, to accommodate boots. Three grades of redwood are available, including one that's all reclaimed wood — and two other woods are also available, including another reclaimed-wood option.

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JustGail said...

It just occurred to me while looking at the Spinn cabinet - why wouldn't it work to make a between-the-wall-studs shoe organizer like I've seen for use as pantries? It could be put behind the door, and might need to extend from the wall a couple of inches, for those who have no closet space to spare for shoes, and already have the back of the door used by storage for other small items. It might not work for all shoes, but still....