Sunday, January 8, 2012

Using the Alphabet: Hooks with Letters

hooks with letters A B C

Hooks are such wonderful organizing tools — and I have so many cool ones to share — that I decided to turn this into a series. And today I'm focusing on hooks with individual letters — which could be used to spell out something, to distinguish what each hook is used for, or simply to look cool. The iron letter hooks above come from Restoration Hardware Baby & Child.

wrought iron hooks with letters A B C

Wrought Iron Haven is another source for iron letter hooks, in a somewhat different style.

alphabet hook, letters G L B

And Penelope Tom has alphabet letter hooks in "shabby vintage style" made from white-painted metal.

alphabet hooks - A B C

Anthropolgie's alphabet hooks provide a totally different look.

hook with the letter O

Whitehall makes the Cloister Monogram Hook, which you can find at Aspenberry and Greentagged. The filigree monogram hooks at Ballard Designs appear to be the same thing, although they aren't identified as such. Greentagged notes that "being environmental conscious is not a new concept at Whitehall Products. Since 1941, the products have been handcrafted from recycled materials - primarily aluminum." They come in three different finishes.

hooks with letters N and T

And finally, there are the lettres from Pêpin Le Malin. [via BabyGadget]

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April Daisy said...

I like the first set of letter hooks. Those hooks hold clothes/jackets nicer than the ones that are straight up...those tend to "pucker" something light like a shirt. I'd use the straight up ones for hanging other things like purses or belts. :D