Sunday, January 1, 2012

Small Space Organizing: Making the Most of the Walls

cardboard wall pockets
wall pockets made of cardboard

Have limited storage space? Using the walls is always something to consider, and these wallpockets from Amerpersand are one interesting way to make use of that space. They're manufactured in Cincinnati, Ohio, from recycled cardboard. They're for sale at three places in Cincinnati, and retail outlets beyond Cincinnati are planned.

modular wall storage - metal sheets with triangular pockets

Then there's #topos, from the German company Pulpo. I found this through Shoebox Dwelling, which writes: "The series of powder coated metal sheets can be attached to the wall to create a storage area as big or small as your space requires. All modules have slots into which metal triangular pockets are inserted. And if you need to store something more substantial than paperclips and trinkets, a bigger tray can be placed instead of the triangles, creating a shelf."

I've contacted Pulpo, which informs me there's no shop in the U.S. selling this product — but you can buy it directly from Pulpo. If you let the company know what you want, they'll get you a freight quote.

embroidery hoop wall pocket

And if you're crafty at all, you might enjoy making an embroidery hoop wall pocket, using the pattern from Sew Daily. If you want to get really inspired, take a look at the very cool wall pockets shown on Spotted Stones and A Fabric Affair.

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