Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Sentimental Stuff: A Photo or Portrait Can Sometimes Replace a Thing

child holding artwork
Photo by Noah Scalin, found on Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons.

Children's artwork, a special outfit, a favorite toy — these can all be hard to part with. Sometimes the answer is not to part with them; as space allows, we can hold onto a reasonable number of sentimental items. But if you're getting too many of these items, sometimes the best answer is to take some photos and let the actual items go.

Rachel Meeks at Small Notebook has a great idea: when she picks her daughter up from art class, she takes a picture of her daughter holding her latest creation. And over at Parenthacks, Michelle suggests photographing the Lego creations; a series of these photos makes a nice display!

photo of an old stuffed hippo, hung on the wall

Another option is to bring in some professional help. Hippopota will provide a lovely portrait of a worn-out toy (from a child or a pet), a special article of clothing, or anything else you'd like to memorialize. [via the New York Times, found through Naomi Seldin Ramirez]

photo of old stuffed panda bear
photo of old stuffed panda bear, hanging on the wall

The Memento Works will also photograph of your special items and provide you with a stunning print, mounted or framed. [via Swiss Miss]

stuffed animal toy portrait

But maybe you'd prefer a painting rather than a photograph. Erin Chainani at First Friends will create a portrait of that favorite toy.

watercolor painting of old sweater

And if you have a favorite piece of clothing, Mark Hall-Patch of Ephemera Friends will a custom watercolor painting. [via Apartment Therapy]

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