Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Bookend Menagerie — and More

cat bookends, green

Cats make terrible bookends. — Nora O'Neill, on The Bookshop Blog

Once you've decided which books are worth keeping, you'll want to look at good ways to store the keepers. Sometimes, that involves bookends.

And while cats don't make good bookends, cat-shaped bookends can work just fine, as Limor Yaron demonstrates. Although these bookends come from Israel, they're readily available to those of us living elsewhere through the wonders of Etsy.

lion bookends

Want some larger cats? Have a lot of money to spend on bookends? Here are some lion bookends from Fornasetti.

goat bookends

Prefer a different animal? Take a look at the Pulpo Stubborn Goat bookends, sold directly by Pulpo and on other sites, such as Occa-Home. Update on July 5, 2015: I'm no longer finding these on the Pulpo website.

brontosaurus bookends

But perhaps you'd rather have a brontosaurus — or one of the many other wonderful bookends from Knob Creek Metal Arts.

elephant bookends, nickel

And then there are the elephant bookends from Philippi, sold at a number of web sites (including Occa-Home).

bunny bookends

Restoration Hardware has provided some wonderful bookends in the past — and continues to do so with these bunny bookends. [via Ink + Wit]

bookend that says That's All Folks

And of course, bookends don't have to feature animals. This bookend come from Goodwin + Goodwin in the U.K.; you can also get one that says The End in a similar script. You can find them at Bouf.

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Kayla Phillips said...

these are beautiful! love love love your content!

Jeri Dansky said...

So glad to hear that, Kayla!