Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Special Kind of Hook: Leash Holders

yellow bone-shaped leash holder

Leash holders with dog (or other animal) themes can be used for more than leashes, of course. Use them for those leashes — or for all sorts of other things, from car keys to baseball caps to necklaces.

And there sure are some nice ones out there! The yellow bone leash holder above is sold by Up Country; there's also a red one, with a slightly different design.

bone-shaped dog leash hook, in paisley
bone-shaped dog leash hook

More wonderful dog leash hooks with a bone theme are available from My Spoiled Doggie.

leash holder, personalized with dog's name, bone-shaped

And then there's the personalized bone-shaped hook made by Whitehall, made from recycled non-rusting cast aluminum. It's sold all over: Grandin Road, Plow & Hearth and many more sites. It comes in four finishes, although not all sites offer all the finishes.

dog leash holder with porcelain tile that says Arf

Of course, a leash holder doesn't have to be bone-shaped. For Love of a Dog has a number of different handmade dog leash holders with porcelain tiles.

This is just one of the delightful leash hooks from these creatures; it's available in three colors.

Scotty-dog-shaped lead / leash holder

And then there are the dog-breed hooks. East of India makes this Scotty dog lead holder, found at Isabel's Attic.

two leash holders and one pegboard with English mastiffs

Finally, while the leash holders and pegboards from Beyond the Crate are a bit too cutesy for me, I was delighted to see the range of dogs they include. I always look for English mastiffs, after my friend Debbie Wolfe introduced me to the breed.

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Deb said...

A new leash holder may be in our future! As much as I love the mastiffs, I have to agree that they are a bit too cutesy for me, too. On the other hand, the laundry room could use a dash of whimsy...

JustGail said...

I was going to ask where the hook for kitty leashes were, then I saw the hook with a cat in the entry for the 9th. Contrary to popular opinion, cats do learn to walk on a leash. I had a cat that was better behaved on a leash than any of my dogs.

Jeri Dansky said...

JustGail, I've got a photo of a cat on a leash on my Pinterest "cat" board.

JustGail said...

Nice photo! I should add that the cat we had was afraid of strangers, so no way he'd ever go out in public. We just stayed in our yard, which was close to a highway, that's why the leash came into use.

Janet Barclay said...

These are fantastic! I would like one where I could hang the keys so they're in front of the board and not the wall. I got rid of my key holder because the keys were marking the paint and put them in a basket by the door, but now that I have a leash as well, it's getting a little cluttered.

Linda Samuels said...

This is a fun assortment of leash hooks. When our dog, Norton, was with us, we retrofitted an old dresser for the entryway and used the top drawer for all his dog accessories like leashes, nail clippers, etc... That worked well too. He was funny too because when it was time to take a walk, he'd sit right in front of the dresser and stare at that top drawer.