Monday, January 2, 2012

A European Tour of First Aid Boxes

first aid box, metal, with picture of man needing first aid

One resolution you might want to make: create (or replenish) your first aid kit. If you want ideas of what to put in the kit, I'll send you to fellow organizer Geralin Thomas. But if you want interesting boxes to use, I've got you covered.

Back in 2009, I wrote about first aid boxes and began with a box by 100drine. That version was in French, and was called la boîte à pharmacie. Now we have an English version of the same box, available from Sentou, Made in Design and Mon Joli Shop.

retro-style red-lidded boîte à pharmacie - first aid box

And here's another reprise. Back in 2009, I included a similar box, but the picture on that one wasn't full-length, and therefore didn't show the woman's lovely legs. This one is from Amadeus, and it's certainly eye-catching. It's out of stock at Jardindé and, where I first found it, but you can still get it at Sylvester Oxford and

wood pharmacie / first aid box

I don't know who makes this wooden pharmacie box, but you can find it at Dibor; there's also a white version. You can also find the unpainted version at The General Toy Store.

Premiers Secours first aid box

Yves Blayo at Incidence has designed a number of first aid boxes: see here, here, here and here. You can find them a number of other places, too; the photo above come from The Holding Company.

red first aid box with white cross

Present Time, headquartered in the Netherlands, makes this simple first aid box in two sizes; there's the smaller and the larger one. You can also find it at DIGS.

first aid tin; white box, cross outlined in red

Balvi, located in Barcelona, also makes a number of first aid boxes. Yes, this one does look a lot like the Present Time box, except for the colors. Two places to buy it are C'tendance and Jardindé


Finally, if you prefer homeopathic remedies, there's a box for you, too. It comes from Derrière La Porte and is sold by Maginé

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Louise said...

These European ones are so much more chic and interesting than the US ones. I wonder if some of that is how strictly controlled the red medical cross symbol is here in the states? Only the Red Cross and Johnson and Johnson company can use it. And the latter can only use it legally on a very small set of first-aid related products.

Jeri Dansky said...

Louise, that might indeed be the explanation. I didn't realize that the use of the medical cross symbol was so controlled in the U.S.; thanks for educating me!

And given that, I'm surprised the Kikkerland first aid box is OK.