Wednesday, February 1, 2012

For Office Supply Fans: 3-Ring Binders to Admire

3-ring binder with bunny rabbit skeleton

Like using binders to organize your papers? I've written about beautiful and unusual binders before — see the related posts at the end — but some of those are no longer available, and more have come to my attention. So it's time for an update!

Some of the most eye-catching binders I've seen are the animal skeleton binders from Kathie Miller of Wildlife Art. These are customized Avery Signature 1" binders.

3-ring binder with green-and-white floral pattern

You can also get some lovely 3-ring binders from Bethany Brower of Red Clover.

3-ring binder fabric slipcover

If you already have plenty of binders and would like to dress them up a bit, head on over to Watermelon Wishes for its 3-ring binder fabric slipcovers.

3-ring binder cover

Or go to GracieLou Kangaroo for more 3-ring binder covers.

3-ring binder

Looking for something out of the ordinary, but a bit more staid than the ones I've shown so far? Want to avoid vinyls and plastics? I've mentioned Naked Binder before, but I got an e-mail from the Naked Binder team, telling me what the company has been up to since that post from about three years ago: "We did change colors since that post, added a natural cotton/linen spine wrap, a few more tab sets. ... We also moved to a 100% post-consumer waste board and added ring sizes up to 2.5 inches." There are nine color choices on the binder shown above, and there are other styles, too.

3-ring binder with leather cover, with a face

Finally, for something really unusual, go look at the leather Grichels. This one has been sold, and there's only one 3-ring binder in stock right now — but perhaps more will be coming.

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Red Clover said...


It was fun to see I was featured on your blog! It made my night to be listed with the other charming products. I do agree that the animal skeleton binders are very cool. Thanks again, and good luck. I will definitely keep an eye on your advice, especially since I can never keep my bedroom organized!


Bethany Brower
of Red Clover