Wednesday, February 22, 2012

12 Cool Kitchen Utensil Holders

terra cotta kitchen utensil holder with Celtic dragon

Many people have some sort of utensil holder — but how many of these express the owner's sense of style? The utensil holder is an everyday storage item that can also be a work of art — or lovely piece of design. Let's look at some of the delightful options out there.

And let's start with this stunning terra cotta utensil holder from Pilliga Pottery in Australia; another design, with birds, is also available.

porcelain utensil jar

Mug Heaven has a number of porcelain utensil jars.

utensil holder - pueblo building design

I'm enchanted by this pueblo utensil holder from Cacart Southwest Designs.

porcelain utensil jar with birds

This sweet utensil jar comes from Rocky Broome, who has three other designs, too.

stoneware utensil holder with moose

And because I like whimsy, I'm pulled toward this "Moose Ware" stoneware utensil holder, by Monica Mann of Earth and Fire Pottery.

utensil crock, solid color

If you like a simpler look, there's the Fiesta utensil crock, in 15 colors.

white utensil holder, porcelain - says Utensils

And here's another simple utensil holder; it's one of the Ecology brand of products.

utensil holder, green

While I've mentioned this Sengware utensil holder before, it wasn't in a "utensil holder" post, so you may have missed it — which would be a shame. It comes in eight colors.

utensil holder

Another simple but stylish look is this cheese mould utensil holder from Garden Trading. It's also available in a slate color.

utensil holder, cherry wood, Shaker style

This gorgeous Shaker-style utensil holder comes from Shaker workshops.

holder for wooden spoons

And here's a very different product: a wooden spoon holder, sold by Baileys.

brass kitchen tool holders

And finally, if you have a lot of money to spend on a utensil holder, you could get the large or the small brass tool holders from Mjölk, a store in Toronto; Mjölk also sells online. At the time I'm writing this, there's only one left in the small size, which sells for $200; the large one, which goes for $300, is out of stock.

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JustGail said...

These are so much classier than the washed out food cans I've used sometimes! Tin cans also have the drawback of being not quite heavy enough to always stand upright when full. Or it's not easy to find one wide enough without being too tall. I'm so glad I made the splurge to a real crock.

Question - I have a 2nd crock that's the perfect size, but with really ugly decoration under the glaze. Do you have any ideas on how to cover it up? Is there a type of sticker that's durable? Thanks!