Thursday, February 9, 2012

Using the Walls: Shelving with Style

yellow shelf with red mouse

Do you have limited storage space? For those who do, making good use of the walls is one coping strategy — and an attractive wall shelf can be a nice way to store and display things even for those without limited space. I've been collecting images regarding using the walls over on Pinterest — which made me realize it's time to write about wall shelves again. The more unusual ones, of course.

The shelf above is the mouse wall shelf, part of the Kinder Touch series from Amore, and also sold at Smart Furniture. Take a look at the seagull! [via Furniture Fashion]

steel shelf, bracket is part of the shelf

These steel shelves are called Brackets Included, for obvious reasons; they come in six colors. The designer is Sylvain Willenz. [via Apartment Therapy]

wall panel with slots for shelves

Insert Coin, designed by Neuland Industriedesign and manufactured by Nils Holger Moorman, is a painted birch plywood wall panel with slots and trays, so you can customize your storage. You can buy it here and here. [via swiss miss and Designspotter]

wall shelves, 3 tiers

These lovely shelves, called Ruth, come from Kay + Stemmer. They're sold by SCP. [via Retro To Go]

And another interesting shelf is the itbox, by it design. Right now the website shows five color choices, and seven sizes. [via swiss miss]

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