Sunday, February 12, 2012

Five French Ribbon Memo Boards

heart-shaped ribbon memo board

With Valentine's Day approaching, the heart-shaped memo boards from BeGreenCue caught my eye even more than they normally would. But I've found a number of lovely French ribbon memo boards that might help anyone who wants photos and other mementos, bits of inspiration, or important notes to be out and visible.

French fabric memory board

Kim, at Memories to You, has French memory boards in five sizes — and some stunning fabrics.

University of Texas Longhorns French memory board

This University of Texas French Memo Board from TresBelleJamie seems like a great idea for a Longhorns fan.

ribbon board in blues

Vera Bradley is known for wild patterns — and now you can get those on a ribbon board. [via Naomi Dunford]

ribbon memo board, solid color, elegant

But simple solid-color French memo boards, like the ones from French Knot in Australia, can be quite wonderful, too.

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