Monday, February 6, 2012

Organizing with Love: Hearts and Kisses

trinket box topped with two kissing fish

As Valentine's Day approaches, let's look at some organizing products — mostly containers — that seem to fit that day. This first one, the kissing-fish trinket box, is by Romero Britto and can be found a number of places, including Distinctive Decor and Lifestyles of Lynne. Update on Feb. 9, 2013: I'm no longer finding this at the stores originally listed, but you can find it at Mufungo and at Picky Picky me.

glass jewelry box, painted blue, with trees

But most of the items I found, including the jewelry boxes from Ann Lihl, use a heart in the design. This box is made from hand-painted glass; there's also one with penguins, where the bottom portion was left in clear glass.

green man heart box

This Green Man heart box is made of cold-cast resin.

magnetic board with heart, saying Home Sweet Home

And while this magnetic board from Green & Co. expresses a love of home, perhaps part of that love is because the home is shared with your valentine. Update on Feb. 9, 2013: Green. & Co. no longer has this board.

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