Monday, December 27, 2010

You Say Waste Bin, I Say Wastebasket (or Trash Can)

wastepaper basket made from recycled newspaper

And no matter what you call these things, they're essential organizing products.

As we move toward the new year - when many of us work at discarding what hasn't served us in the past, and embracing new goals and ideas - let's take a look at wastebaskets. (Is that too cliched - or too much of a stretch? How about: I cleaned up my bookmarks for wastebaskets, so it's a good time to show you the new ones I've found.) Here's one that is "coming soon" from Pfeifer Studio - a waste bin made from recycled newspaper. Update on Nov. 21, 2011: It's now available for sale.

wastebasket made from recycled Japanese magazines

If you don't want to wait, there's the Translations waste bin, made from Japanese magazines. You can buy this one from ECOutlet (U.K.) or The Travlers Pass (U.S.). Update on Nov. 21, 2011: The Travelers Pass website seems to have disappeared.

wastepaper basket from recycled plastic food wrappers

And then there are these wastepaper baskets from the Spiral Foundation, made in Nepal from discarded plastic wrappers from various food products.

wastebasket with separate container for wet materials

Basketbin, designed by Ding3000, allows you to easily separate paper from "other litter." It's sold by the SFMOMA Museum Store, which says: "Basketbin takes care of a clean separation of wet and dry materials without visually polluting your environment. This bin within a bin is perfect for cities like San Francisco with mandatory waste separation. Use one for compost and the other for recycling. The small bin is dishwasher-safe." SFMOMA sells two colors: white with red, and anthracite (gray) with green. Update on Nov. 21, 2011: The Basketbin is no longer sold by SFMOMA. But I found it for sale here and here.

wastebasket looks like paper bag, but actually polypropylene

Here's an interesting design: the Binbox from Reisenthel. It looks like a paper bag, but it's actually polypropylene. You can get it four colors and two sizes - and there's also biobox insert.

rattan / wicker waste basket with metal liner

Looking for something a bit more traditional? The Basket Lady has some nice wastebaskets.

ribbed trashcan

Cost Plus World Market has these "retro ribbed trashcans" in two different sizes. You can find somewhat similar at the The Conran Shop. [Conran Shop via Retro To Go]

vintage-style wastebasket

Betty-Jane Shreve makes some incredible vintage-style wastebaskets hand-decorated with antique maps or paintings with "New England themes and marine accents." I just spoke with her, and she tells me she has a new line coming soon - maybe in January.

zebra stripe wastebasket

And look at the lovely selection from Worlds Away. As Clayton Gray Home explains, these are handpainted metal. [via Stylebeat]

papier mache wastebasket with butterflies

And if you don't mind spending a LOT of money on a wastebasket, look at the papier mache baskets from R. Pulvermacher Designs. "Each piece is handmade in the Pulvermacher's Florida factory and the decoupage paper is carefully applied by their in house trained artists."

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Jeri Dansky said...

Betty-Jane Shreve sent me an e-mail with a bit more information. She says: "I love doing over the true vintage wastebaskets. People have these laying around their house and tend to toss them out when they get dirty/beat up, which of course happens since they have been around 50-60 years! I am able to clean them up and refurbish them, then apply a desired illustration, map, etc. after I have painted them."

Pauline Wiles said...

One of those with a vintage map would be perfect in my home office. But for some reason, I love the orange stripes, too!

Jeri Dansky said...

The English Organizer: Two nice choices - with very different looks! The orange-strip one would actually match MY home office decor pretty well!