Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas / Holiday Gift Ideas: Non-Clutter Gifts of All Sorts

custom portrait of child

A few web sites this year have done a lovely job of providing gift ideas, so I'm going to point you to their lists for some holiday gift-giving inspiration.

1. Apartment Therapy: Meaningful Gifts for Grandparents (and others)

It may be too late to order some of these gifts if you wanted them for Christmas 2010 - but you could keep them in mind for the future, or just let the recipients know the gift will be delayed (if they are OK with that.) Ideas here range from custom portraits to gorgeous modern family trees to gifts of time and experiences.

beautiful tea tins

2. SFGate: Extraordinary Consumables

This gift guide will point you to organic heirloom popcorn combined with Mediterranean sea salt enhanced with shaved Italian black truffles; interesting tea in gorgeous tins (combined with a yellow submarine tea infuser, if you like); soap-on-a-rope unlike any you've seen before; and a 2011 calendar with "seed-impregnated pages." The tea, shown above, is Damn Fine Tea from Andrews and Dunham. Update on Dec. 2, 2012: It seems this gift guide is no longer online.

kids playing  guitars

3. Curiosity Atlas: Gifts of Experience

Know someone who would enjoy a class in canning, glass-blowing, or trapeeze and other circus arts? Know a kid who'd enjoy the classes at Rock Band Land? While these classes are offered in the San Francisco Bay Area, you can probably find some interesting out-of-the-ordinary classes where you live, too. [via Emily Wilska]

Shakespeare tissue box cover

4. Why Did You Buy Me That? (What not to give!)

If you're considering a novelty gift such as fossilized dinosaur poop - or a Shakespeare tissue box cover, available here - this site should convince you to be cautious.

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The English Organizer said...

The seed calendar is such a clever idea! What a great way to extend the life of a calendar.

Cynthia Friedlob said...

Love the yellow submarine infuser! I think that holidays are a perfect excuse to splurge on exotic consumables (and little extras like that submarine).

Jeri Dansky said...

The English Organizer, I once gave my sister-in-law some special Italian veggie seeds for her garden - but this calendar seemed like a lovelier way to give the gift of seeds.

Cynthia, I agree - the more unusual consumables can be such a nice gift, for others or yourself. And I too love the yellow submarine. (The song was popular when I was 16 and traveling in Israel with a bunch of other 16-year-olds; it has special meaning to me.)