Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Do You Have Your 2011 Calendar or Planner?

Calendar, April 2-11, quatre asperges

If you use an electronic calendar, you don't need to concern yourself with a new calendar as we go into a new year. But if you're a paper-calendar (or planner) person, take a look at some of these calendars!

This totally delightful calendar comes from English Muffin, a small design studio in Montreal. The English version is sold out, but you can still get the French version - and that might be more fun to have, anyway. [via Bloesem]

wall calendar, simple

Another lovely option is the Typographic Calendar from Michelle of Kensington Design & Paperie. As she explains, this 12-month calendar "starts with the month that you order your calendar and includes the 11 months following that."

planner cover with birds
planner interior

If you prefer a planner, Rag & Bone Bindery has some stunning ones. I had to include two pictures, so you could see one of the many covers, as well as the interior.

leather weekly planner

This 2011 planner comes from My Handbound Books; there are seven or so color options.

agenda with connect-the-dots puzzle
diary with connect-the-dots puzzle

This amusing planner comes from Julie Joliat in Switzerland. The first printing sold out, but another printing should become available the first week in January. [via Swissmiss]

wall decal blackboard calendar

The wall decal calendars from Simple Shapes fill a different sort of calendar need.

yellow adhesive tape calendar

And for something totally different, there's the adhesive-tape calendar!

Two other specialized planners are worth noting - although they aren't very eye-catching. If you're a David Allen devotee, you might want to look at the GTD Coordinator. And if you're into long-term planning, you can get a five-year datebook, as I learned from Mighty Goods.

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The English Organizer said...

The adhesive tape is really fun and might be a nice way to introduce kids to calendaring.
I really love the Rag & Bone layout - I'll be bookmarking this one for next year.
While working at Stanford, I got into the habit of buying academic year planners. So when mine ran out in August, I trawled the shops. To my surprise, I fell over an attractive one at a great price in Target. It's working really well, so far.

Stephanie lh Calahan said...

Love the variety you share here. The adhesive options could be really fun. For years I was a Franklin planner person, but I've gone electronic now. Tweeted.

Jeri Dansky said...

The English Organizer, I've never written about academic calendars - I'll need to remember that next fall.

Stephanie, I'm an electronic person, too. But I get the fun of calendar shopping as a gift for specific someone at the holidays. Thanks for the tweet!